The quality of our soil and the perfect acclimatizacion of different grape varieties are the reasons why the Rioja Alta is regarded as an indisputable international level for all great wines lovers. Our vineyards in full in this part of our province provide a unique raw material tith which to build our award-winning wines.

Our vineyard emblem, The Olagosa, which gives name to our aged wines, is the logistical center of our strategy, very convenientily located in San Asensio, center of the Rioja Alta.

We have over 140 acres of vineyards in the best areas of Rioja Alta, controlling in this way the total production of the vineyard and careful development of the cellar process.

The constant care of the vine and grape growth require very specific and well-defined processes throughout the vegetative cycle. Pruning, crown suckering, etc. are made by expert and respectful hands so that we can obtain the best fruit possible, a very high quality grape to make our wines. In addition to the old vines, with more than 60 years old, which produce small quantities of grapes but very high quality, excellent for making our Golden Perica.

Our wineyards

Our wineyards

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