From the exhuberance of the light in the vineyard the wine enters the introspection and silence of the winery darkness. After a first fermentation in new allier French oak barrels, in controlled temperature, the wine is distributed based on its final destination: crianzas, reservas, and grandes reservas. The fermentation in the winery, the magic that transforms the juice into our wines, follows processes controlled at each step by our enologist Rafael Garcia and the rest of the winery’s team disturbing as mininum as possible the happy catharsis from juice to wonderful wine.The crianza process is done mostly in French and American 255 ltr oak barrels.

Our main hall is currently designed to foster our acclaimed wines of offers a variety of barrels of different origins such as French, American or Eastern Europe.

Our older wines have a place to rest and mature in the room called Zaco, here rest and evolve acquiring its complexity to bottling.


"El Roble" Storage, recently built, is our commitment to raising quality wines.

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